10 June 2009

Australian Artist Spotlight: Mel Robson ceramics

Super talented Brisbane ceramicist Mel Robson is also a really nice person. Even when I wrote to her to find out about her latest info thinking that it had been a while since she updated her blog (oops! I was looking at an old post from January 2008!), she very graciously forgave my dingdong-ness and even shared some kind words about Bondville.

So with that introduction, let's check out some of Mel's fantastic work. You'll find a range of ceramic pieces including beautiful bowls and vessels (see top image), as well as clever cut pottery (such as the cool pigeon display above). Some earlier works include bowls covered in recipe notes and road maps, and other typeface graphics. There are some great wall tiles featuring delicate birds and patchwork-like designs. I love the quirky The Absence of Objects pieces, and am really drawn to the nod-to-patriotism cut pieces from the Keep Calm and Carry On series.

If you love what you see, you can find Mel Robson ceramics at
* Sydney - Object Gallery, Pablo Fanque in Sydney,
* Melbourne- Craft Victoria, Pomme (Mornington Peninsula)
* Brisbane - QLD Art Gallery, Jan Manton Art, Museum of Brisbane, Craft QLD
* Cairns- Kick Arts
* Perth - Aspects
* ACT - Beaver Gallery

You'll also find all the latest Mel Robson designs and behind-the-scenes info on her blog Feffakookan.

Images: Mel Robson


  1. Those bowls in the top photo are just asking to be picked up in both hands! Mel's work is beautiful.
    Clare x

  2. Those bowls are so lovely. And the birds are just amazing!

  3. A ceramicist friend of mine taught Mel at TAFE so I have been following and loving her work for years - gorgeous work from a equally lovely person!

  4. Clare, The Cottage Cheese and Danielle - so lovely huh! Danielle - great to hear a little personal story about Mel.

  5. Wow, those are so pretty! Is there any chance of getting them somewhere in Adelaide?

  6. Hi alia e. Mel mentioned to me that you can contact her for any other stockists that aren't listed at mel @ melrobson dot com.

  7. thanks steph. her things are lovely.


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