18 June 2009

Australian Artist Spotlight: KT Doyle wallpaper and textiles

KT Doyle is a successful exhibiting artist who has recently made the move to commercial product development of environmentally-sustainable textiles, wallpaper and print artwork. KT won a Creative Sparks grant from the Brisbane City Council in 2008 to develop a range that sits at the junction of art, craft and design - beautiful pieces with depth and story that could live equally on a gallery wall, or covering your favourite chair.

You may have noticed KT's most recent work in the window of SPACE Furniture in Brisbane where she collaborated with Porter's Paints for Moooi to create a still life display window - much like the Dutch masters' - in 3D. The Falling Leaves design is gorgeous, as you can see above.

KT offers commissions, and a growing collection of limited edition original works on paper. Wallpaper and textiles are now offered commercially - contact KT directly for more information. And if you didn't catch KT at the great Pecha Kucha event in Brisbane last week, you can check out the slides about KT's Creative Grants journery on her blog.

Images: KT Doyle


  1. Hey Steph! It was so great actually 'meeting' you yesterday at Brown Owls! I wandered past the Artisan window last night and saw KT's fabric in the exhibition window! Lovely!

  2. Hi Danielle - great to meet you too. Looking forward to seeing your finished granny square crochet masterpiece :)

  3. Thx for sharing KT Doyle's work! Love the patterns & colours! Its always so great to learn about a new designer. Its cute how the cat wants to get involved too :)

  4. Hi Wini - I know, how cute is that cat! My dog Molly loves to get herself into every photo too.


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