8 May 2009

Cool Websites: Blogging Your Way

I have just finished my first ever e-course. When Holly from decor8 announced that she was running an online course about blogging, I jumped at the opportunity and luckily was one of the first 200 to sign up (there were more than 800 applications!). We've just spent the last four weeks on Blogging Your Way doing some serious blog soul searching, picking up tips and tricks from each other and learning a huge amount about being an authentic blogger, and writing from the heart, from the blog guru herself, Holly Becker.

For many, the idea of an online course seems a little risky and unusual, but if you get a chance to take an e-course (and particularly the decor8 Blogging Your Way course), please give it consideration. You never know what you might learn, what friends you'll make along the way, and what new opportunities will present themselves. For me, it was a fantastic experience.

There were 10 other Australians who also took the Blogging Your Way course. So I thought I would highlight some of their blogs, and start a series here on Bondville, profiling great Australian bloggers! If you have some favourites, please send the links my way. Here are just a couple of my classmates to start with:

The Red Thread
Lisa is a really special person and amazing artist. She also has a very of-the-moment blog where she does a beautiful job presenting stylish and inspiring design finds. Read more about Lisa's artwork in this Australian Artist Spotlight.

Living in Wonderment
Alia E. shares the things in life that give her inspiration, wonderment and pause for reflection. I know you'll enjoy the peacefulness of this blog.

Wini is based in Melbourne and puts together great profiles on artists and designers. Make sure you check out her review of Aussie artist Chris Chun who creates amazing work.

Bridal Survival
Sacha runs a fun Bridal survival business and her bridal blog is full of gorgeous ideas and inspiration for weddings.

Craft Laboratory
Danielle is busy morphing from a research scientist to a crafting/photographing/art-making creative type; her enthusiastic blog is documenting her journey. And she's a new Brown Owl!

Lilla Poesia
I mentioned Amy from Lila Poesia in the Strutt Sisters profile; she is a soulful, creative person who has just arrived in Sydney after a year living in Sweden. Make sure you check out her dreamy photography and reflections.

Live Life

Danielle writes about family, life and living well from her base in Mackay. Check it out if you've ever dreamed of living in tropical north Queensland.

For more Australian Bloggers that you need to know, check out these posts.

Image: Holly Becker at Decor8


  1. That sounds a fantastic course! Just found your blog on the Top 100 list. Really interesting too!

  2. Hello.. Thanks for the great links. I have been following your blog for quite a while, this is the first time I've spoken up though! I am in NSW, I have a blog - www.deannamaree.blogspot.com. Last week I posted quite a few links of Aussie bloggers, just thought you might like to check them out! :)

  3. Nice posting Steph! I'm sad the ecourse is over, it really became part of my weekly routine to check in at the forums and listen to Holly's podcasts! See you at the next Brown Owls meeting!

  4. Hi Lilly - thanks so much for stopping by! Please come by anytime.

    DeannaMaree - thank you for the great links to other Aussie bloggers! Some great ones on your list. And very happy to have you as a reader - looking forward to more comments :)

    Hi Danielle - thanks! I'm going to miss the course too, but my family will be happy to have me back again in the evenings! (anyone else struggle with that?)

  5. Thanks for including me in your post Steph! That is so sweet. You have some neat finds on your blog.. I'll be sure to pop back over to check it out. Thanks again.

  6. Hi Steph, thank you so much for including me, its really lovely of you! I enjoy reading your blog & will continue to visit. Wini :)

  7. Sounds like the course was perfect for you...thats great, happy blogging.

  8. I'm surprised that you did the course - I already think you are one of the best bloggers out there.

  9. Thank you Steph for your lovely compliments.

  10. Hi Alia E., Artygirl and Lisa - my pleasure!

    Hi Selina - thanks; now to put it all into practice.

    Hi Thea - you are too kind! Always something new to learn :)

  11. Hi Steph! I've only recently discovered the world of blogging and all the wonderfully creative people it holds (often so close by too!)

    Your links are fantastic and your blog so informative...I will be visiting regularly!

    Ingrid x

  12. Hi Steph,

    That's so sweet thanks so much for the mention. I feel quite proud to be chosen out of the 207 participants :)

    I'm very sad that the course is finished, I felt proud to log and in and chat to all my online friends. I hope to continue to do so through every bodies blogs.

    and we will definitley have to meet up in Brissy when I'm back in town, maybe the next blog meet.

  13. Hi Ingrid, I'm so glad you stopped by and I'm happy that you have been having fun discovering the world of blogging. Please come again! I've just stopped by your site and love all your inspirations.

    Hi Danielle - you're so welcome! Yes let's meet at the next meetup :)

  14. Hi. Thanks for this list! I just moved to Australia from Vancouver, Canada and have started blogging about my journey through immigration and the things that inspire me to stay focused.

    Being new to the area, I'm always keeping an ear out for things that I can relate to and make Sydney feel more like home. Your blog should help! :)

    à la prochaine

  15. Hi Kelsey, and welcome to Australia :) We've very happy to have you, and your blog looks great. Here's a site that may help you get started with doctors, dentists etc in Sydney: Sydney's Best Kept Secrets. It's another little project of mine. If you are ever in Brisbane please come and say hi.


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