1 May 2009

Hip Products: Kim Wallace ceramics

There's nothing better than a mystery package arriving on the doorstep containing something delightful and unexpected.

Last week I received a special package from Kim Wallace who curates and manages the Udessi online art gallery. Kim is also a talented designer and artist and the package contained a small, beautiful, perfectly formed ceramic bowl that she made. The bowl makes up part of the Vintage Lace range of one-of-a-kind stoneware that Kim offers in the gallery - handmade individually using a lace doily to create the amazing outer texture and featuring a glazed inner surface.

I love my bowl and keep it by my desk to inspire me while I work. Thank you so much Kim!

You can find Kim Wallace's work on Udessi online art gallery. And you can read more about Kim on her blog.

Images: Steph Bond


  1. lovely blog, thank you for sharing the talent of all this artists
    A bientot....

  2. That is so gorgeous and a wonderful gift idea!

  3. Beautiful inner colour - I think I'd fill one with those strange wasabi peas - odd I know but I'm liking green and pink colour combos at the moment!

  4. gorgeous bowl - I want to touch it!
    PS - it was nice meeting you in the street after the craft show on Fri - funny! I was the one with the nice green bag ;)

  5. So nice I want to touch it !
    And the color is so nice : I want to eat it !

  6. Hi septembre, Lyssy May, Danielle, Ali and Fifi - I know that Kim is going to be so pleased to see all your comments! I'm really glad that you like her work.

    Ali - so lovely to meet you! I'm so glad my Mum stopped you to ask about your bag. Loving Masala Chai!


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