10 April 2009

Milk Baby skincare products

How delightful is the new Milk Baby range of gorgeous skincare products and toiletries for children with amazing packaging. It's simple, chic, would co-ordinate with any bathroom or nursery, and is made from all-natural ingredients.

The line was developed by Michael Klim's wife, Lindy Klim, when Michael was producing his range of skincare products for men. Lindy wanted a product that she could trust to use on her own children and wanted to create a range that was "affordable, looked good in the home and beneficial to the enhancement of wellbeing." Ticks for all three!

Look out for Snotty Grotty room spray, Bath Time wash, Nighty Night room spray and Sleepy Bubs massage oil.

Milk Baby is made exclusively for Milk & Co in Tasmania, using organic & all natural ingredients, and not tested on animals. You can find selected Milk Baby products in the online store and at stockists around Australia..

Image: Milk Baby


  1. I think Snotty Grotty room spray will be their most popular product!
    Ticks from me too!

  2. Hi Designers Emporium - how clever huh! What a lovely idea.

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  4. hay....I from Indonesia....nice Blog....

  5. Hi patty, GH - you are welcome - than you for the link to your competition.

    Hi yanimaniez - that you! Great to have you visit.


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