24 April 2009

Hip Products: Aunty Cookie type cushions

Guru of the Australian textile/art/design world Shannon Lamden (aka Aunty Cookie) has released some limited edition cushions that are to die for. The striking type graphics make a huge statement and have that cool factor that is hard to recreate. And I would no doubt enjoy many hours of fun with the eyechart cushion, showing off my vision to anyone that will listen.

Limited edition Aunty Cookie cushions are available from the Aunty Cookie etsy store. These guys sell like hotcakes (the flocked Ampersand is already unavailable - update 9am: more just about to be uploaded to Etsy - get in quick!). And while you are there make sure you pick up some hotter than hot Letterhead material to whip up something cool with.

P.S. you must check out the Aunty Cookie blog - Shannon's sense of humour is Wicked with a capital W!
P.P.S read my post about Aunty Cookie textiles here.

Images: Aunty Cookie


  1. Love these stylish cushions! What a great way to spice up a room without a huge investment!

  2. I purchased the mini version of these cushions a few weeks back. LOVE THEM!! :) Ange@KidStyleFile

  3. Hi Emily, Alischa and Penny - so glad that you like them. Ange - I have cushion envy! I bet they look fantastic!


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