3 April 2009

Events: Brisbane ABCD Meetup Photos

Jaime from Paisley St Claire, Tiel from Tsk Tsk, Kylie from Paper Boat Press, Sarah from Red Felt Flower

Madeleine from Madeleine Brown Jewellery, Erin from Blossom Creations, Florence from Flying Star Toys, Kim from Udessi, Bec from Beckybean

Michelle from Pedrosprout and Akiko

Crowd shot. That's me in the middle in orange chatting to Alischa from Bespoke Letterpress Boutique

Bec from Beckybean, Momo from Studio Kurashi and Michelle from Pedrosprout

Last night in the pouring rain and on the coolest evening of the year, 22 talented artists + bloggers + crafters + designers met up at Bar Alto at the Powerhouse in Brisbane to chat over a glass of wine and cup of tea. It was a fantastic evening and a huge thanks goes out to everyone who braved the elements and made it such a great time:

Erin from Blossom Creations
Momo from Studio Kurashi
Kylie from Paper Boat Press
Alischa from Bespoke Letterpress Boutique
Anna from Toxteth
Michelle from Pedrosprout
Tiel from Tsk Tsk
Florence from Flying Star Toys
Bec from Beckybean and The Small Stuff
Ellie from Red Seed Studio
Jane from Girls Made This
Kelly from Peppermint Magazine
Kim from Udessi
Kristina from Tiny Concept
Sarah from Red Felt Flower
Madeleine from Madeleine Brown Jewellery
Jaime from Jaime Beattie and Paisley St Claire
Nadine from Nadine Sawyer
Michelle from A Lily In Bloom and Lily & Cino
Danielle from Nesting Bird Interiors
Nina from Nesting Bird Interiors and Obelia

The show bags were fantastic with lots of goodies from everyone. Huge thank you to the wonderful Kim for the fantastic logo design, bags, and co-organisation. And thank you everyone for coming; we hope you'll all be able to come to the next Brisbane ABCD Meetup. More photos and details here.

Images: Steph Bond, Beckybean and Momo


  1. Looks like it was lots of fun. I wish I could have come but I'd already booked in to take the kids to Bunnings for the Easter Family night and I don't think they would have appreciated me cancelling it ! Maybe next time...

  2. Such a lovely night! A big thankyou to you both for organising such a lovely event!! xox

  3. I'd love to come to the next one!

  4. aw i didn't know about it! sounds like an absolutely fantastic idea, and so successful. snaps to you for organising it - it's really a credit to you. maybe i could come to the next one!

  5. Such a wonderful evening, lots of fun! No one wanted to leave so the bar staff all but pushed us out the door!

    well done :)

  6. Thank you for a lovely evening. So much fun, and wonderful to meet all those talented talkative women. Let's do it again soon.
    -E xx

  7. It was such a great night wasn't it? We'll have to get our thinking caps on for the next one ;)

  8. Such a fabulous night, it was so nice to meet you Steph, thanks for organising it all!

  9. Hi Sarah, Kim, Ellie, Alischa and Florence - so great to see you on Thurs night. Looking forward to the next one.

    Kathryn, emjay and Little Diva - please do come to the next one. We'll keep you in the loop.

  10. I am so sorry I missed out on all the fun. Bec sent an enthusiastic email to the girls at BrisStyle, so hopefully a few more of us will be able to make the next event.

  11. I'm so sad I got held up at work, will def be at the next one!! Looks like you all had a great time.

  12. BIG thanks from me too! Steph, you and Kim did an amazing job organising this, and it was so inspiring to meet so many lovely and creative people :)
    Really looking forward to the next one!!

  13. Wow - this looks like it was a fab night. I'm so sorry I missed it - but I'm def. getting in on the next one.



  14. Glad to know it was a good night .. I'm bummed I couldn't make it either .. fingers are crossed for next time! :)

  15. Thanks Steph for organising it. It was a lovely night with lovely people.

  16. Steph and Kim HUGE congrats for making this all come together with so many beautifully creative souls.

    I'll make sure I'm in town for the next one to soak up all the inspiring company!


  17. Thank you Helen! We really look forward to meeting you at the next one. Watch this space...

  18. Hi There, just wondering how ABCD got together and whether there is a site or anything like that, as i would love to get involved...

  19. Hi Kate! ABCD was an idea that Kim (from Udessi) and I had a few months ago to get everyone out from behind their computers and meet in a very casual social setting. Anyone who likes to craft/design/create art/blog about all the above is very welcome to attend. Kim and I will continue to post about new events on our sites, and I would be very happy to add you to our mailing list. Just send me your email stephbond at gmail dot com. Looking forward to meeting you at the next one!

  20. Hey Steph! Thanks to Holly Becker and her fab ecourse, as it would have taken me a lot longer to connect with your wonderful blog! Love the look and your content is great - I am a fabric fan and your Drool-worthy Design is genius! Will def get myself to the next ABCD!

  21. Hi Danielle - thank you so much! Would love to meet you at the next ABCD; will make sure that you are on the mailing list. If there is anyone else that would like to be added to the mailing list, please contact me at stephbond at gmail dot com.


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