24 April 2009

Earth Week 2009

It gladdens my heart that so many places around the world are celebrating Earth Week this week. Etsy hosted a Best Eco Finds competition and I was thrilled to see that Bondville favourite Beckybean came in at number 10 (in the world!) with the gorgeous Macchiato shoulder bag made from jute coffee bean sacks from the local Merlo. Congratulations Bec and Jade!

Other great Aussie designers that made the finals included Mingus Designs (#21), Lily Ruby King (#22), Pedrosprout (#23), Ruby-Jo (#28), Pocket Carnival (#35), Heidi and Seek (#42), Epheriell (#55), REread (#55), benconservato (#55), Artdecadence (#58) and Ruby 2 Go Go (#60). That's 20% of finalists!

And in a nod to celebrating everything eco-friendly, please take the time to re-discover these special Australian designers who are dedicated to environmentally friendly practices in their work:

Eco-friendly on Bondville

I hope you were able to do your small part this week, and I hope that soon Earth Week extends to Earth Month, and then Earth Every Day.

Image: Beckybean


  1. Etsy has some very unique finds and eco friendly!

  2. What a great post. Heaps to look at, thanks. I didn't have anything else to do anyway ... whatever, it's Friday afternoon and someone said the other day that time you enjoy wasting is not time wasted.

  3. Hi Steph,
    thanks heaps for the inclusion in this wonderful list - great to see our cushion in there, amongst all those beautiful pieces.
    Be lovely to see you at the Stitches & Craft Show, if you can make it. (we'll have heaps of new pieces there!).
    Take care,
    Ellie - Red Seed Studio

  4. Thanks Steph! What a post! We feel very chuffed to have done so well :D So happy you love your bag and clutch too. Did you have a good birthday?

    Hope to see you at the Stitches and Craft event.


  5. Hi Selina, Dick and Dora, Ellie and Jade - I'm so glad you enjoyed the post (that montage took a loooong time to make!), and I hope that everyone gets a chance to check out our talented friends on Etsy too.

    Jade and Ellie - you are so welcome. My birthday was lovely, but we've all had the flu in our house, so took it very easy. Ellie, see you at Stiches and Craft!

    Dick and Dora - so happy to be your designated time waster!

  6. Wow Steph, I feel a little overwhelmed at such lovely words - thanks so much!!! As Jade said, we're so glad you like your bag and clutch. So sorry to hear you had the flu on your birthday though. That's not fair at all!!!! And lastly, I LOVE the montage you've done - definitely worth all the time you spent on it. I've been clicking around for ages checking everything out. See you at Brown Owls on Sunday :)
    Cheers, Bec XXX

  7. What fantastic products, Steph! Thank you for including MiniLaLa. Congrats to all of you fantastic eco-friendly designers!

  8. Hi Bec - so glad you enjoyed; see you on Sun :)

    Hi Carli - you are so welcome - every one is going nuts for your nappies!

  9. I love this bag, they have such cool stuff

  10. Hi Pretapawte, I love your pet collars too! I think I'll be ordering a dog collar for our Molly's 13th birthday in June.


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