13 April 2009

Drool-worthy Design: Thea and Sami textiles

All the cool crafty types in Brisbane seem to be learning screenprinting from Thea Samios. Thea runs the Thea and Sami Design and Print Studio where she specialises in the small batch production of fabulous hand-crafted fabrics, eco-fashions and homewares.

The Thea and Sami range includes linen, natural and organic fabrics, organic cotton t-shirts, homewares and accessories featuring her screenprinted designs. There is also a stunning Thea and Sami hand-printed fashion line (maybe you've seen the amazing Brisbane Skirt, worn by the State Premier of Queensland?) available at select stockists around Australia.

All of Thea's original designs are hand-printed using water-based, solvent-free inks on natural and organic fabric. You can find Thea and Sami products in the online store and you can get all the inside goss on the Thea and Sami blog. Thea runs screenprinting workshops in her Capalaba studio and will be demonstrating at the Brisbane Stitches and Craft Show this month.

Images: Thea and Sami


  1. Thank you Steph for the lovely write-up. We are slowly listing new clothes & products on the website. See you at the Stitches & Craft Show.

  2. Hi Thea,
    You are so welcome! Looking forward to seeing more of your great fashion and products on the site. Yes, see you at the show.

  3. These designs are amazing. Hand-printed fabrics are so special, like wearing a piece of art!

  4. I love that skirt! So fun!
    Just came across your blog from Holly's class. I think it's really fun! Thanks!

  5. Wow that skirt is really beautiful. I can't wait to buy up at the Stitches and Craft event :)

  6. Hi The Cottage Cheese, Heather and Bec - so glad you like! Thanks Heather for the compliments! Bec we're going to have to save hard for the show...


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