16 April 2009

Australian Artist Spotlight: Kate Knapp of Twigseeds

The cartoon styling of Queesland-based Kate Knapp's Twigseeds is a world of illustration, storytelling and messages designed to inspire. Stop by the Twigseeds website and you'll meet several furry personalities (including white hare Ruby Red Shoes and Saffy the dog) who aim to help us "consider our world".

Kate's Twigseeds range includes books, gift tags and greeting cards, art prints, and inspirational card decks. I love the level of detail that Kate has created in her Twigseeds worlds and I find myself searching each illustration for the small touches. Hence the name 'Twigseeds' which represents for Kate "our belief in the value of small things in the world". My Sophie has fallen hard for Kate's fish illustration causing quite the scene when we had to leave Coming Up Roses in Balmoral on Tuesday.

You can find Twigseeds at the online shop as well as stockists across Australia. And thank you Kylie for introducing me to Kate's work.

Image: Kate Knapp


  1. Hi Di - glad you like it. Meanwhile, I'm drooling over all the goodies in your store!

  2. Kate is a wonderful artist and an amazing lady. My home is full of her artwork. It brings a smile to my face everytime I look at it!


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