9 April 2009

Australian Artist Spotlight: Inaluxe

I'm thrilled to introduce you to the work of Melbourne-based Inaluxe. This talented artist uses (amongst many other things) ink, paint and mixed media to create graphic pieces in gorgeous muted tones and with plenty of texture. Inaluxe has a penchant for Australian wildflowers (I do too) and raspberry+khaki+cream colour combinations (another me too). I also adore her cats - I'd love this cheeky curled up cat original!

Lucky for us, Inaluxe has opened an Etsy store stocking original art, prints, gocco and mini tag cards. You can also find out more on the Inaluxe blog. And look out for Inaluxe's news Etsy store Plastiche which will be a cornucoppia of vintage fashion, fabric supplies, bags, accessories, sewing goodies, and more - launching in the near future.

Image: top - Seize The Day and bottom - Wild Flowers by Inaluxe


  1. These are fantastic, I want one for my apartment!!
    Thanks, liz

  2. Ooh! I can imagine the first image on a pendate for my jewelry!

  3. Oh wow, I love the colours and style of these illustrations!

  4. Love "In My Balloon Dress I Can Do Anything"! Beautiful.

  5. Hi Liz and Lisa - I love them too. I'm really drawn to quirky artwork, and love seeing Australian art that showcases our unique environment.

    Hi Alina - great idea!

    Hi sproutstyle - I'm glad you checked out the balloon dress artwork. I hope everyone clicks through to see all the gorgeous art that I couldn't fit into this profile.


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