16 March 2009

Hip Products: Pedrosprout children's booties

Brisbane-based Michelle Gillies is Pedrosprout; a crafting maven with a gorgeous line of children's shoes and other accessories made from felt and fabrics.

There is so much love that goes into Michelle's products - from the recycled plastic-made felt to the intricate hand embroidering for your baby's tootsies. Plastic-made felt, you ask? Kunin Ecospun felt is a high quality polyester fibre made from 100% certified recycled plastic bottles.

Apart from the gorgeous booties, the Pedrosprout range includes brooches, fabric coasters, tote bags, and pin cushions. Just fabulous.

You can find Pedrosprout handmade products on Etsy, and Big Cartel for Australians as well as Nesting Bird Interiors in Woolloongabba, QLD. Check out more info about Pedrosprout on the blog.

Find more Australian kids fashion on Bondville Kids. And shop online for kids fashion from great stores in the Australian Online Kids and Baby Store Directory.

Image: Pedrosprout


  1. I'm liking the felt-- way cute. They should make a coat and call it the 'felt pelt', and include a complimentary 'felt belt'. :) Hmm... having a bit too much fun with rhyming today....

  2. The products you showcase are very cool. Congrats on being Blog of Note!

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    Keep up the good bloggy work!

    - Cesia.

  3. Hi Lewidoo and EGYPTIAN - I love them too.
    Amelia N - you are too funny
    Cesia - thank you! Will check out your link.

  4. Can recommend these too! May have to get some more for the babe that's on the way.

  5. Hi Bobcat12 - sorry you don't like them!

    Hi Black Eyed Susie - glad you have been happy with them. And congrats on new baby to come!


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