3 March 2009

Hip Products: Nushka Dolls

If you love matryoshka dolls as much as I do, you'll dig this cool modern version of Russian nesting dolls created by clever Melissa Gardener. Her Nushka Dolls (new + babushka = clever!) are beautiful pieces of art and oh-so cool.

These are not your everyday matroyshkas. These are sweet dolls with groovy haircuts and unexpected designs. Just wait until you see the new styles. Love them.

The limited edition wooden dolls are hand-painted by Melissa in Brisbane with acrylic-based paints and then coated with a high gloss varnish to protect the designs.

A gorgeous gift, you can find Nushka Dolls on the website and on Etsy. Check out all the designs and behind-the-scenes on the Nushka Dolls blog and Flickr photostream. And a little more about Melissa's other talents on her site.

Image: Nushka Dolls


  1. A nice twist on the classic russian doll!

  2. ah matroyshka dolls, i love them nearly as much as i do squirrels and owls and octopus and deer and possums - oh my

  3. Hi Chrisy - too true. Nice to see something a little different.

    Hi veri maz - me too. I don't think you can have too many!

  4. These are so beautiful and vibrant! really unique!

  5. These are divine! Love the name too..I have 5 sets of originals that i collected on my travels through Eastern Europe, but i think i definitely have to get a set of these to add to the collection..


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