4 March 2009

Hip Products: Made By White jewellery

In the Nushka Dolls article, veri maz commented that she loves matryoshka dolls almost as much as she loves squirrels and owls and octopus and deer and possums. Well Made By White jewellery is the label for her. These sisters are on the money. They have covered all the cool icon bases and then some with their whimsical designs that are modern and attention-getting.

Without a doubt, my favourites are the Mexican-inspired calaveras skulls. Are they the matryoshka of 2009? Cute and kind of scary at the same time - great combination. And how can you go past the dancing bears with skirts!

New South Wales-based sisters Lyndsay and Kelly White are on a mission to bring the fun back to wearable art. They use materials like wood, laminate, perspex, and of course sterling silver chains and earring backs to create a fun range that includes brooches, earrings, buttons, wall hangings, and knitted spooks.

Check out the Made By White website for the online shop (where you can search by colour) and a list of stockists online, around Australia, New Zealand, The Netherlands, and the US.

Image: Made By White


  1. Well this is the first time I've seen a scull graphic that I could describe as 'cute'! All great pieces....so good to see the emergence of cutting edge wearable art!

  2. okay... these items are... interesting?

  3. indeed, very sweet stuff and must be the first time i've seen a sloth as a pendant.
    I love the slightly naive/folky style of their work


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