24 March 2009

Hip Products: Ceeb Wasserman jewellery

I discovered Sydney-based gold and silversmith Ceeb Wasserman after seeing the gorgeous jewellery that she designed in collaboration with Umbrella Prints. Think delicate handmade pieces with a strong Japanese influence.

In fact, it's Ceeb's extensive world experience that adds to her design profile - being born in Brazil, growing up in Europe and training in Australia, Germany and Switzerland. And it's Ceeb's Japanese mother who has influenced many of her designs (and gave her the beautiful name 'Sakura').

There are so many gorgeous pieces in Ceeb's range of earrings, necklaces, cuffs, rings, brooches and more; it's impossible to pick just one. The level of intricacy is amazing, particularly as Ceeb uses a sawpiercing technique to cut into silver by hand. You must check her designs out at the Etsy store and at stockists in Australia, the US, Germany and online (including modamuse).

Images: Ceeb Wassermann


  1. Love her jewellery! So beautiful..

  2. I love her work too... I bought the necklace in the top image off ebay last year. I get so many comments when I wear it.

  3. Hi Danielle and Lisa - I think so too. I'm so drawn to stencil-like jewellery and so impressed that Ceeb cuts each piece by hand. I can't even imagine how difficult it must be. Lucky you Lisa to own that gorgeous necklace!

  4. Ceeb's jewelry and hairpins are beautiful. The chrysanthemum necklace is on my "wish list". Lovely Etsy store!

  5. ooops, I meant to say etsy, of course, not ebay!


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