13 March 2009

Hip Products: Apple and Bee toiletry bags

If you are looking for a fabulous toiletry or cosmetic bag that is also kind on the environment, check out the snappy range from Apple and Bee. (Great Mother's Day present, hint, hint).

Products include makeup bags, wet-pack/bath/WC/everyday bags, baby change pads and travel bags. The designs are stylish and modern and printed on natural fibres (organic cotton, bamboo, silk, hemp, burlap/calico and leather) and coated without the plastic look that we are used to on toiletry bags.

Apple and Bee is the creative collaboration of Claire Morris and bod skincare founder Brett Pattinson. Based in Sydney, the carbon neutral company also donates a percentage of profits to environmental organisations.

You can find Apple and Bee at stockists around Australia, the UK and USA (see website for details).

Image: Apple and Bee


  1. Great company name...and nice stuff...

  2. Could you fit a lapdog in those bags?

  3. I think so too. darkman, not sure a pup would fit, hehehe. Although the large round cosmetic cases are about the diameter of a dinner plate (and gorgeous in real life too). The girl behind me at the Biome sale snapped one up for a crazy price today. Wish I had seen it first.

  4. Women will go crazy! oops.. they already did ;)

  5. Those would be good gift ideas.

  6. love this blog!!!!! as a mother of toddler twins...going crazy over some of these products...
    thanks,s o f i a
    oH and thank you so much for the great comment over my blog:)

  7. I just love apple and bee products! Such beautiful bags!

  8. Thanks Sofia for your comment - you are one brave woman with your twins!

    Hi Alarna - I know, so lovely. A bit different from the usual plastic bags we are subjected to at department stores.


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