25 March 2009

Cool Websites: Concrete and Honey

You know that when Pia, Lucy and Lisa love a website, then it's going to be hot. And Concrete and Honey is hot, hot, hot! In only a few months since conception, Sydney-based Nicola has gathered a loyal following and been awarded a Blogger.com Blog of Note for 23rd March 2009 (Blogger picks one site from it's millions around the world to feature every day).

Nicola features gorgeous, dreamy images to make your designer side swoon, including her own amazing photos of found objects and beautiful things around her. You'll find design ideas, interiors, and snapshots of Australia. I know you're going to love it.

Image: Concrete and Honey


  1. Love your blog!!
    I just did a post on Nicola's home yesterday! She is fabulous!!

  2. Thank you SimplyGrove. And your site is delicious! Thanks so much for the heads up on Nicola's house tour. For everyone else, here's the link: http://simplygrove.blogspot.com/2009/03/take-look-nicola.html


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