20 February 2009

Stylish Kids: OUCH childrens clothing

Are you ready for your kids to look hipper than you do? Enter Victorian children's clothing label OUCH. Now you can take some fashion cues from your little ones.

Launched by Donna Schneider in 2003, OUCH is a delightful children's clothing brand inspired by Donna's life and travels. The look is cool and the feel is soft with the range made from cotton and knits.

As well as children's clothes, you'll also find OUCH knee high and ankle socks, knit toys, pyjamas and throws.

For OUCH stockist info, contact Michelle at OUCH.  
Image: OUCH


  1. Fabulous photography sets this brand off...just gorgeous...

  2. Hi Chrisy, too true. Sometimes the packaging is just as important.

  3. Totally agree with above - I was going to say the same thing. Fantastic setting for the photo. Really does sell it well.

  4. the photos are awesome, really. Anyway thank you for comments widget on ur blog, i link to find the widget source and put into my blog.

  5. Cute Photo

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  6. i agree - great photos & andmetoo is a great children's clothing company also. My favourite is Tiddles and Chich - I found them at Magnolia Square. - amazing stuff (www.tiddlesandchich.com.au)they have gorgeous photos too.

  7. Hi Anonymous - thanks so much for the tip to check out Tiddles and Chich - beautiful stuff!


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