27 February 2009

Stylish Kids: Itch Designs

Welcome to the edgy-cool world of children's clothes that is Itch Designs. Jodi from Itch creates punchy graphic tees and clothes featuring kawaii* characters to stimulate the imagination of our little ones. They are definitely clothes to have fun with. I love love love the hooot owl design shorts and dress. I'm hoping Jodi will make an adult version? Itch Designs has also expanded into a range of hip homewares for tots including bedding and tableware that you just have to check out. You can find Itch Design at specialty boutiques across Australia, Japan, US, Europe, China, New Zealand and online stores, and other stockists listed on the website. You can also find out more about the Itch Design world on the blog.  
* kawaii is Japanese for 'cute' 
 Image: Itch Design


  1. Very cute designs in the clothes and the toys...i wonder if they're made in Australia...

  2. Hi Steph,

    You're going to think I'm stalking you ... but I'm just sharing the tag love! If you have time I'd love to find out 6 interesting things about you!

    Ta, Anna.

  3. Hi Chrisy - so cute! We should ask Jodi; looks like the clothes are designed in Australia, not sure about the toys.

    Hi Anna - so lovely to be tagged, thank you! Here are 6 things:
    1. I am half Canadian and half English, born in New Zealand, brought up in Australia and married to an American.
    2. I played the trumpet for 10 years
    3. I have a 12.5 year old miniature schnauzer named Molly
    4. I'm a total So You Think You Can Dance addict
    5. I'm currently taking an 8 week photography course to learn how to use my SLR.
    6. I love making my own greeting cards and have a box dedicated to it.
    I'd like to tag:
    * Louisa @ Modern Little Munchkins
    * Mel @ The Hip Infant
    * Daniela @ Baby's Got Style
    * Elizabeth @ a Toriana
    * Amanda @ Style Collective
    * Chrisy @ Sophism Press

    Would love to find out 6 things about you.


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