4 February 2009

Hip Products: Zaishu designer stools

You wouldn't expect designer seating at a cafe in Yamba on the north coast of NSW, but that's exactly what I found at the Beachwood Cafe when I perched upon a perfect Zaishu stool (one of about 20!).

It turns out that talented Matthew Butler and Helen Punton create this iconic Australian furniture from their studio in Yamba where designs are handprinted onto certified sustainable Native Australian Hoop Pine. The eco-friendly panels are then slotted together to create a piece of furniture that can be used as a seat or table, and is guaranteed to be a conversation starter.

I chose to eat my breaky ensconced on the Florence Broadhurst design Zaishu, but there are many more fantastic designs available that are the result of collaborations with Australian artists and special projects around the world (check out the Fiji edition and I look forward to the upcoming Argentinian designs).

You can find Zaishu pieces at the Zaishu online store, as well as stockists around the world. You can find out more about Zaishu projects on their blog.

Image: Zaishu


  1. Yes love those Zaishu stools..

  2. These stools are way too cool. The colours would be perfect for my office!

    I like your Link Within feature. I might try it out -- does it slow down your site at all?

    Hope you are enjoying your summer.


  3. Hi Chrisy - me too. I want one so badly.
    Hi Kylie - they are even cooler in real life. I really like LinkWithin. I don't think it slows down the site, and it's great for new readers to be able to see some previous posts... and gives those artists a lot more exposure. Eventually relevant stories from other sites will start to show up, and stories from my site will show up on theirs. That's pretty cool!


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