11 February 2009

Hip Products: Mud Australia ceramics

Oh Mud. A must-have on any wedding registry, and a collectors' dream. I'm talking about one of our best known ceramics brands - the adored Mud Australia. Fired with Limoges or imperial porcelain, Mud Australia produces gorgeous pieces in delicate shades that are beautiful to display and functional (oven, microwave and dishwasher safe!) to use everyday.

I particularly love the matte feel of each piece. This is achieved by applying glaze only to the interior of each vessel. These ceramics are meant for use - with handling, they become more smooth. This is one of the characteristics that bring an artisan quality to the pieces and ensure they get lots of attention at dinner parties!

Mud Australia makes and hand finishes all ceramics at the studio in Sydney. I also admire that the company embraces the values of craft, community and sustainability. You can now find Mud Australia at stockists online and around the world.

Image: Mud Australia


  1. Oh they're beautiful...i too love the matt finish...think these will be antiques of the future...

  2. Hi Chrisy - the only problem is deciding which colour!
    Hi Alischa - I'm with you. Divine.

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