25 February 2009

Hip Products: haul recycled accessories

Made in Victoria and Tasmania, Scott Kilmartin creates cool accessories with plenty of street cred under the haul brand. The beauty of Scott's products are that they are almost entirely constructed from recycled materials including used billboard vinyl, inner tubes and license plates.

You'll find a whole range of hip recycled products including messenger bags, satchels, journals, photo albums, CD holders, aprons, dog collars, notebook covers and sleeves for your MacBook. Look out for the eco-friendly bags and bean bags which have been certified by the Good Environmental Choice Australia. The bean bags are so cool that they grace the bottoms of Google employees in Sydney.

I'm pretty sure that the guy in your life would love something from this range.

You can find haul products on the online store.

Image: haul


  1. Love this stuff..the satchels and the bean bags in particular...

  2. Hi Chrisy, glad you like. I'd love the bean bags too. I can see all sorts of great applications for them for retail, education, workplaces, etc. I bet the ad agencies are all over them.

  3. There is also a Sydney based company trashbags.com.au that do a similar thing with lots of different recycled materials


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