24 February 2009

Hip Products: Dinosaur Designs jewellery and homewares

This post is really for overseas readers, as Dinosaur Designs is now practically a household name in Australia. Established in 1985 by Louise Olsen, Stephen Ormandy and Liane Rossler, the Dinosaur Designs team create beautiful jewellery and homewares including their chic signature resin designs. Now you can find Dinosaur Designs products in more than twenty countries, including stores in Sydney, Melbourne and New York .

Dinosaur Designs' distinctive pieces are modelled three-dimensionally by hand, using a type of plasticine and then after casting are hand finished in the Sydney studio. The uneven lines and handmade design are part of the label's charm. And not only do the pieces look beautiful, but they are made for everyday use.

Dinosaur Designs is a climate-friendly business with a strong sense of corporate responsibility. You can find Dinosaur Designs pieces at the online store and at stockists around the world.

Image: Dinosaur Designs


  1. LOVE my dinosaur designs stuff. My husband and I even had DD rings for our wedding rings :)

  2. Hi Bec! Um, could you 2 be any cooler?


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