13 February 2009

Australian Artist Spotlight: Jeremyville

Some of coolest cartoon art in the world comes from our own Jeremyville who has a studio in Sydney and is currently based in New York City. Jeremyville is well known for both his edgy-cool artwork and published books, including designer toys tome Vinyl Will Kill.

As well as creating art, Jeremyville is a clever product developer and you can find Jeremyville satchels, sneakers, toys, skate decks, t-shirts, caps, stickers, and other hip products. But I'm most excited about the incredible wallpaper (see image above). There are lots of potential applications both commercial and residential, and you can pick it up from French site Domestic.

You can find Jeremyville products and more information about the man himself on the website.

Image: Upper West Side wallpaper by Jeremyville

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