18 February 2009

Australian Artist Spotlight: Emma Magenta books and illustrations

Emma Magenta is both a celebrated Australian artist and author. And a trained singer. And she dances. AND studies capoeira! So inspiring.

Emma's books 'The Peril of Magnificent Love', 'Gorgeous Sense of Hope: A Love Fable' and 'Origin of Lament' are full of delightful illustrations and clever "Magenta-isms" that are honest and thought-provoking. A new children's book 'Planet Yawn' was released in 2008, written by Toni Collette and illustrated by Emma Magenta. Emma's designs can also be found on photo albums, tea towels, decals, t-shirts, and cards to brighten your day.

Emma Magenta (an assumed name based on the female character that she has developed over many years) was discovered while working at Berkelouw Books in Paddington, Sydney, where she would hang her artwork and scribblings. Two influential publishing folks visited the store, and the book sale turned into a book deal. There's a lesson there for all of us to just get our work 'out there'.

Emma Magenta books are published through Andrew McMeel Publishing, Random House and Pan Macmillan Australia. Tea towels, handkerchiefs and decals are available through Third Drawer Down. Photo albums are published by Coral Coast. And you can find some very special t-shirts, tea towels, bags and cards at the Mirabel Foundation Website with proceeds supporting this important charity.

Image: from Gorgeous Sense of Hope: A Love Fable by Emma Magenta


  1. Such a talented artist...great to see her work being sold in different forms and venues...

  2. Hi Chrisy. I love the story about how she was 'discovered' too. It's all about getting out there amongst it. Hope you're having a great day.

  3. I have been a big fan of Emma Magenta's ever since I saw her work pinned up around Berkelouw Books! I love her "cinderella story" - of being discovered too - she's a bit of a legend around this neck of the woods!

  4. Hi Sam - wow you got to see the pre-famous work!!! Your art is wonderful too, by the way.

  5. I don't know if you folk are aware, but a new Magenta children's book has just been released!

    It is called "Orlando on a Thursday" and it is fabulous.

    I will look for a couple of useful links ...

  6. Here it is:

  7. I know this blog was posted some time ago, but I'm on a desperate search to find a couple copies of "The Origin of Lament". I'm in the US and can't seem to find a copy available online. Any ideas?

  8. Anon - keep an eye on fishpond.com.au. Good luck!


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