2 March 2009

Drool-worthy Design: DANDI textiles and homewares

Sydney-based DANDI are a close-knit group of industrial designers creating gorgeous textiles and products for kitchen, dining and home.

The team designs modern, botanically-inpsired prints applied to a range of products. The collection currently includes tableware (napkins, placemats, tablerunners, oil cloth), kitchen essentials (tea towels, aprons, pot holders), and other fabulous pieces for the home such as ironing board covers, pin boards and totes.

One of my favourite products outside of the textiles range is the eco-friendly bamboo chopping board with intricately etched lorrikeet design. Absolutely stunning in real life too.

You can find DANDI tableware on the DANDI online store. Check the DANDI website for stockists around Australia, New Zealand and online. You can find behind-the-scenes info on the DANDI blog.

Image: DANDI


  1. hey there, great post, I hadn't heard of dandi before.
    I'm going to go into their site to take a peak.

  2. Hi Designers Emporium, thank you; hope you loved all the products on their site. I hope readers pop over to the Designer Emporium blog also; such a great selection of designers on there.

  3. I love Dandi, and I love that it's 5 women collaborating... I'm not sure if I could work with 4 others like that!

    Steph I've tagged you. Hope you don't mind:

  4. Wow, I knew Dandi did beautiful textile products, but I didn't know about the bamboo stuff. Wow, it's gorgeous!!

  5. Lovely textiles - hadn't seen them before am going to go straight to their site and check them out.

  6. Gorgeous! ...wish I was not so far away!

  7. ooh, am aching for a Dandi bamboo bird chopping board...
    p.s. thank you for the amazing comment yuo left on the first post of my blog - it made my day


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