18 March 2009

Australian Artist Spotlight: Beci Orpin

Melbourne artist Beci Orpin caught my attention with her amazing donation to the Art Fights Fire event last month. Beci is most famous for her cult fashion label Princess Tina, which she recently retired to focus on her hip kids' clothing label Tiny Mammoth and a new homewares, stationery and accessories range under her own name coming soon.

In fact, Beci is incredibly prolific. You might recognise her Sad Tooth image on t-shirts, jewellery and prints, or her designs for Bloom, Little Horn children's clothing, Mambo and many many other projects.

Beci's current artwork includes collage, papercuts, sculpture, gocco prints and illustration. I love the fantastic folky style and quirky characters in her work. And I also love her list of inspirations: Bulgarian folk embroidery, Chinese packaging, Chinese slippers, polaroids taken by her partner Raph, chiyogami, completed paint-by-numbers pictures, cicada wings, poppies, making cupcakes and rain.

You can find Beci Orpin art at Outre Gallery in Melbourne and Sydney and for sale in the online gallery. Find out more about Beci on her personal blog, and check out her website for the upcoming shoppe. If you'd like to know more about Beci, there is a fantastic interview over on The Design Files that I know you'll love.

Image: Travel illustration for Sunday Life magazine by Beci Orpin


  1. Beci Orpin is one of my faves, i'm devo that i missed my chance to get some princess tina - thought she did also do the Genki t-shirts "I love..." with the cute retro images.
    I scored "I love macrame" on a trip to Melb once.
    Here's hoping she does big kid clothes again.
    In the meantime her prints are pretty awesome, sometimes available at Outre Gallery.

  2. Thanks for introducing me to a new artist. I suppose witch such major disasters like bushfires and the floods, we will be seeing some artwork "inspired", for lack of a better word" by them. Just to let you know, your img link isn't operating.


  3. Frankie is doing it's bit to promote Beci as well...think she's featured in the current issue

  4. Hi rosamond - very glad to hear that Beci is getting some Frankie love; will have to check that out.

    Hi pixelhazard - thanks for letting me know

    Hi veri maz - yes Beci also designed those great Genki tees. Score on the macrame shirt!


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