13 January 2009

Droolworthy Design: Ruby and Scarlett letterpress paper products

I love the glamorous look and feel of letterpress, and when it's combined with cool design and silky paper, it's an absolute joy. I recently stumbled upon another lovely letterpress design studio - Ruby and Scarlett, based in Balmain, Sydney.

Founded by sisters Georgina and Sarah, Ruby and Scarlett uses a vintage letterpress and Japanese Gocco to whip up wedding invitations, announcements, personal stationery, cards, and paper keepsakes. A classic Ruby & Scarlett invitation has the design or illustration element printed in letterpress, paired with flat screenprinting for the text.

At the moment, the girls are accepting custom orders (such as this fantastic hen's party invitation - so chic!) and in early 2009 will be launching a collection of ready-to-print designs. You simply choose the design, colour-way and wording, and let Ruby and Scarlett do the rest.

You can order stationery on the Ruby and Scarlett Website. And check out the Ruby & Scarlett store on Etsy for a selection of greeting cards and other paper keepsakes. Just divine!

Image: Ruby and Scarlett


  1. Hi Steph!

    Thanks so much for the lovely shout out! That is just too nice of you. Love your site by the way!

    Ruby & Scarlett

  2. Thanks Sarah, you are welcome. Have a fantastic wedding this weekend!


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