22 January 2009

Hip Products: bod skincare

I've mentioned before that I'm a sucker for great packaging and quality ingredients, so I'm a natural customer for the bod skincare range.

Developed in Sydney by musician and homeopath/shiatsu specialist/Tai Chi master Brett Pattinson, the bod collection is created with the highest quality ingredients, carefully selected for their therapeutic qualities.

bod's range includes products for face, body and bath. I own the body scrub, shower gel and soap-on-a-rope (I love soap-on-a-rope!). bod's dark and minimalist packaging is both perfect for display in the bathroom, and practical, as the amber-coloured bottles and jars protect the ingredients from depletion by light, heat and air.

bod also has a delicious range for babies and Mums called bod for bubs including massage oil, bum spray, bubble bath and moisturisers.

bod’s therapeutic skincare range is currently available in over 250 stores within Australia, and is distributed to 30 countries around the world, including the UK, Europe Germany, USA, Japan, Honk Kong, Taiwan, Korea and New Zealand. You can also find bod online at the bod Website.

Image: bod

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