29 January 2009

Drool-worthy Design: LITTLE JANE ST stationery

I love go-getters. Brisbane-based Alarna was lamenting the multitude of online invitations and email cards, so took matters into her own hands and launched a fantastic stationery line called LITTLE JANE ST.

Alarna combines her love of collage and autumnal tones with paper to limited edition greeting cards, gift enclosures, custom invitations, wrapping paper and gift tags, delivered in organic hand-stitched cotton carry-bags. I particularly adore the Afternoon Stroll patchwork card - a little piece of art that needs to be framed after use!

LITTLE JANE ST products are available at the online store, and are stocked at a number of retailers listed on. Check the Website for Alarna's custom design service, coming soon, and the LITTLE JANE ST blog for more behind-the-scenes info.



  1. Hi Steph,
    Thank you so much for the post! Looks really good how you have put it together!!

  2. Hi Alarna - you are very welcome - so glad you stopped by. We're very lucky to have you close by!

  3. ...thanks for sharin this little treasure...

  4. JUST came across your blog. LOVE IT. thanks for sharing all the great aussie treasures that you find! i love little jane st, and now you've opened me up to those amazing cupcakes.... :)
    - mandy ox

  5. Hi Chrisy - glad you like.
    Hi emjay - so lovely to have you stop by. Did you get any cupcakes? I'm a bit cupcake crazy!

  6. her cards and papergoods are lovely!!


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