5 January 2009

The Cupcake Company

Food trends come and go, but a real stayer for the past five or so years have been cupcakes. Who doesn't love them?! Here in Brisbane, we are lucky to have talented cupcake couturiers Keren and Sharnel who run the drool-worthy The Cupcake Company. They have so cleverly married food and design to create beautiful cupcakes - both customised and their own range.

Friends Keren and Sharnel met by chance in a gourmet food shop several years ago and their shared passion for food, baking, design and style resulted in The Cupcake Company. Since then, they have created divine wedding cupcakes, cupcake birthday cakes and cupcake heaven for christenings, baby showers, hens parties, housewarmings, and a multitude of other celebrations for sugar lovers.

My favourites are still chocolate cupcakes, but The Cupcake Company has a whole slew of delicious-sounding flavours including Rosewater, Lavenderlicious, My Chai, Bailey's Velvet, and Kahlua Dream. Cupcakes are made to order and gift boxed with ribbons and handwritten card, making them the perfect gift for a sweet-toothed buddy.

Be inspired by beautiful cupcakes online at Sharnel and Keren's cupcake blog The Cupcake Company where you can find ordering details. Thank you Jo from Desire to Inspire for the introduction!

Image: The Cupcake Company


  1. Oh thank you so much Steph for that fabulous post. We really do appreciate it! Hope you have a wonderful 2009!
    Sharnel & Keren

  2. oh be still my growling belly, these look so good!!

  3. Hi Sharnel & Keren - you are so welcome. I love cupcakes for all occasions.

    Hi Alischa - we'll have to get some of these for a Brown Owl meet!


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