21 April 2008

Events: Even Books

Sydney is lucky to have possibly the coolest bookclub ever. The monthly events are presented by Even Books, providing a night of books, booze and bingo! Organised through Facebook, the nights are held at different cool spots around Sydney and are loosely based around a literary theme. A sample agenda from the Great Gatsby-inspired next event on April 24th:

8:00 pm: Arrive. Taste-test the many bootlegged beverages on offer.

8:15: Live jazz! Practise your Charleston!
Add your own lines to Great Gatsby-inspired stories.
Be served up chat-starters by our butlers.
Play poker, golf, twister, limbo or anything that tickles your fancy!

9.30: Guest performance by two very talented actors.
Live jazz! Perfect your Charleston! Party games!
Improv voiceovers for the fancy flop that was Coppola's movie adaptation.

10.30: Be DJ Gatzby - put on your i-pod tunes while we play musical statues, pass-the-parcel and more

For more information, check out the Even Books website.

1 April 2008

Hip Products: Kimmidoll

I recently spotted a great new range of collectible dolls at the newsagent under the Kimmidoll brand. The website reveals that they have been created to resemble the beautiful Kokeshi dolls that are common gifts in Japan. There are 18 dolls in the range currently, and each represents a real life value, like 'generosity', 'friendship', 'wisdom', etc. At the $19.95 price point, they are not quite the quality of the Kokeshi doll I own, but they are a great design, and a collection would not look out of place in a baby's room, teenager's pad, graphic designer's work desk or cool household living room. There are also a wide range of homewares, stationary, bags and cards featuring Kimmidoll designs that are aimed squarely at the schoolkids set. I secretly want the whole collection!
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