24 March 2008

Cool Websites: Whiteport

 The folks from Whiteport wrote to me recently to let me know about the launch of their new Australian homewares site which looks pretty fabulous. The site offers home decor, gifts and accessories, themed around a stylish white palette. The site is gorgeous, clean, simple and easy to use and I hope Aussies embrace this site and more like it. I particularly love the French Country homewares dragonfly pieces.

Image: Whiteport

5 March 2008

Great Packaging: Murchison-Hume

I love the look of the new organic cleaning products from Murchison-Hume in Sydney that I spotted on the neco.com website. Apparently the range is created by an ex-fashion editor turned Mum-working-from-home who was disenchanted with the odious and uninspiring cleaning products available.

Now we're spoiled for choice with the fabulous Eco Store, Pure Earth, and Ecover is not too bad either (and at a great price point).

You can find lots of great natural products at todae.com.au, biome.com.au and neco.com.au.

Image: Murchison-Hume
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