3 December 2008

Drool-worthy Design: Metremade for Grippiks

The dressers in my bedroom are such a boring expanse of faux-beech. I've been inspired recently to jazz them up with wallpaper offcuts, but have been pondering how to keep them stuck on without ruining the drawers, and how to get them to fit perfectly. Well the girls from Desire To Inspire came to the rescue with the discovery of the amazing Grippiks adhesive stickers, made specially to fit IKEA's top-selling furniture. And since everyone in the world owns the Malm dressers, it's simply a genius product!

Even better, the patterns available are fantastic, and are designed in Melbourne by our own Liz Roger, and Tess McCabe, from Metremade. After documenting their collaborative textile and surface pattern designs on their blog, Liz and Tess were approached by the folks at Grippiks early this year to create the patterns you see today. Now their designs are marketed around the world.

Liz and Tess originally met each other at the Queensland College of Art and formed Metremade after reconnecting in 2007. Their different approaches to design (Tess is a graphic designer and Liz is a textile designer) and shared love of the independent craft and design scene have resulted in an inspiring collaboration.

You can find Metremade pattern designs (and free desktop wallpapers) on the Metremade website and on their Flickr photostream, and keep an eye on the Metremade blog for all the news from these design stars.

Image: Metremade


  1. I saw these the other day and thought they were genius! I wonder how they hold up under daily use...

  2. Hi Trix, me too. I can only assume that it would be longer lasting than wallpaper stuck on with bits of blu-tack (my other option!). We'll have to see if anyone has tried them out yet.


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