23 December 2008

Cool Websites: Udessi online art gallery

This is a website to bookmark. Udessi is a new online art gallery that has just been launched by the lovely Kim Wallace, to showcase unique, contemporary Australian Art, Craft and Design.

Kim has worked incredibly hard to pull together pieces by amazing Australian artists. This has to be a must-stop shopping destination for gifts that have a truly Aussie heart. The range includes original artworks, limited edition pieces, ceramics, accessories, and stationery. Current artists featured are Tsk Tsk (see recent story), The Red Thread, KS Art & Design, Little Jane St, and Look At The Wall. Kim is also a talented artist who creates delightful patterned ceramics that you can also buy at the gallery.

Visit Udessi to check out homegrown talent, and stop by Kim's blog for the latest gallery updates, some great Australian finds and various exhibitions and design markets around the country.

Image: Top left - Pippijoe, Bottom Left - Tsk Tsk, Bottom right - Kim Wallace via Udessi


  1. Thank you so much for your lovely post Steph :) I am flattered and humbled by your kind words...

  2. Hi Stephanie, Kim has done a fabulous job with Udessi and it's such a great initiative. I feel lucky to be included. Kudos to Kim, and thanks for helping to raise awareness of Australian artists. Lisa ( the red thread )

  3. Hi Kim - you are so very welcome.
    and Hi Lisa! Lovely to have you stop by; I really love your work.

  4. Some great work there! Very unique!

    Be sure to check out Masterpiece Online Gallery. It's the largest online gallery but just moved.




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