15 January 2009

Cool Websites: Aussie Sub-cultural Guides

No time to pick up a street mag? Or read it? Just want a quick list of the cool, hip things to do in your city? Right Angle Publishing wants to keep you in the know. Their teams of connected writers around Australia publish a series of sub-cultural guides to everything cool. You can check out the daily updates sites online or have the weekly guide delivered straight to your inbox.

Stories and snippets include film, music, design, books, art, goods and links to fun things to do around town. So far they cover:

Sydney - TwoThousand
Melbourne - ThreeThousand
Brisbane - FourThousand

Check it out next time you are lamenting the lack of things to do in your neck of the woods. There are plans to launch guides nation-wide by the end of the year!

Image: Right Angle Publishing


  1. ...am off to check them out now...thanks so much for sharin these links...

  2. You're welcome Chrisy. I love the weekly email.


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