11 November 2008

Australian Artist Spotlight: Little Circus Design

Madeleine Stamer is the gifted artist behind Little Circus Design. Based in Melbourne, Madeleine creates compelling illustrations with a strong folk art bent, bold style and intricate detail. And she's super-cool too - formerly part of the Melbourne graffiti scene, Madeleine is also a ceramicist, teacher, mother, dog-owner, and has illustrated CD art for The Blackeyed Susans!

I love the use of animals and nature in her work, and am especially drawn to the skulls and Mexican-style motifs that remind me a lot of the Day of the Dead figurines that I collect. Madeleine's black and white illustrations would be perfect for modern interiors, but I can't go past this gorgeous bright print of "Girl From Takadanobaba".

You can find original Little Circus Design works on paper and limited editions of signed and numbered giclee prints on Madeleine's website, for sale on Modamuse, and through Jacky Winter/Lamington Drive.

Image: Little Circus Design


  1. Check out Madeleine's house tour over at Apartment Therapy [seriously, I'm addicted!]
    I love that AT has an Australian blogger now!!!

  2. Oh I love it. Thanks for pointing our Madeleine's house tour Trixie. I hadn't seen it yet. I agree, SO great to have an Aussie over at AT. How do I get Jenny's job!!!

  3. Just discovered these prints and I think they are gorgeous. Definitely worth a visist to her website. reminds me a bit of jane Foster's work in the UK.

  4. Hi Deb - glad you like them. I'll have to check out Jane's work.. this style is right up my alley too.


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