12 November 2008

Cool Websites: Desire To Inspire

If you want a top writing job for a major magazine, you need to head to the bright lights - New York, London, Sydney, Paris. But the beauty of writing online is that some of the hottest talent could be living right next to you in your neck of the woods.

And lucky for us, a talented pair from Brisbane, Australia and Ottawa, Canada spend hours each day bringing us up-to-the-minute interior trends and inspiration in the form of the Desire To Inspire blog. This site is a boundless sea of hip homes and design to-die-for. If you are looking to renovate, update, or just dream, this is the site to bookmark.

The said talent behind Desire to Inspire are Jo and Kim - two online friends who met via Flickr. Their aim is to "inspire the world one room at a time". And inspire they do. So now you can save a lot of money on international interiors magazines, and spend it on something lovely for you. Thanks Kim and Jo!

Image: Desire To Inspire

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