9 September 2008

Hip Products: Rody bouncing horse

We first spotted the incredibly cool Rody bouncing horse in Baltimore. These ponies have been around since 1984 and are a kids' favourite in the US, but are rare in Australia. Made in Italy, the Rody horse from Gymnic was originally registered by Ledramax plastics in 1984.

Hopping on the Rody is great for helping children to learn balance and coordination and the toy is often used in therapy for handicapped children. We got the red Rody for our big girl for her first birthday.

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Image: Steph Bond


  1. i love these things! they're, of course, HUGE in japan, with totally whacked out licensing. like kewpie dolls wearing rody costumes cell phone charms, etc. i went mental buying my friend's daughter rody stuff.

  2. Thanks for the note isosceles. I've just found a similar product distributed in Australia by Oobi Baby. It's not exactly the Rody, but looks very similar and there are cows and dinosaurs to choose from!


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