12 September 2008

Cool Websites: Threadless.com

When we lived in New York City there was a huge mural painted on the side of the building across the road of an enormous panda and a rainbow with the word "Threadless.com" across the top. It made me smile every day.

Well now Threadless is *huge*, and it's worth a reminder of how cool the designs are on this site. Threadless.com is essentially an on-going t-shirt design competition. Anyone can submit their original design and if it gets a high enough score from people visiting the site and is chosen by the Threadless crew, it will be printed and sold from Threadless.com. The panda image from the billboard is from the Pandamonium print by Ross Zietz and is a best-seller. Check out the site for great shirts for men, women and kids too. And check out the fun Threadless Sightings section to spot celebs and non-celebs in the media sporting Threadless tees.

Threadless.com offers international shipping and also has a store in Chicago.

Image: Threadless.com

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