26 September 2008

Baby Onesie Extenders

I get a little sad packing away my favourite baby clothes and wish I could have had a little more use out of them. Aussie invention Little Extensions comes to the rescue! Little Extensions are a genius product designed get more use out of your baby's onesies. The material attaches to the snaps at the crotch to increase the length of the outfit. Handmade in Australia from cotton Lycra, Little Extensions come in packs of 3 sizes and fit many brands. You can find them at Ekidna Kidswear where they retail for $AUD14.95.


  1. These are so clever!

    By the way, thank you for your Kirtsy mention. You are way too sweet.

    I miss home already.


  2. You are very welcome!

    I know - so clever. Wish I knew a little more about the company that makes them so I can see what else they have come up with.



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