16 July 2008

Punking the Union Jack

In the search for Carrie's wall hanging in the Sex and the City Movie, I found some amazing rugs and wall hangings at The Rug Company. All the Paul Smith pieces are great - so quirky and unusual. But what I really got excited about was the Vivienne Westwood VW Flag design featuring her eponymous bleached out Union Jack.

I know this rug did the blog rounds in 2005 when it was launched, but I've seen Westwood's punked up Union Jack design pop up in numberous places recently (a cushion in stylist Sibella Court's apartment in NYC via InsideOut magazine May/June 2008, the rug in children's-furniture-designer/rockstar-wife Jennifer Delonge's home via InStyle Home magazine Fall/Winter 2007 and then posted on Real Living magazine blogger Belinda's Renovate and Decorate blog, among others).

I'm not sure I can afford the gorgeous rug, but I did find the icon used to interesting effect on a tote bag at a UKonline store. Have you seen this design anywhere else?

Image: The Rug Company


  1. I've never really paid much attention to rugs until I browsed them on the Rug Company's site. Now that's all I can think about in our living room -- it's missing a rug! This Union Jack is brilliant.


  2. Hi Kylie - yeah so brilliant. I wonder how much they cost...


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