7 July 2008

Inspired by Movies: 27 Dresses

I just loved the wedding dress that Jane's sister Tess (Malin Akerman) was supposed to wear in her wedding to George in the movie 27 Dresses.

It's sweet without being foufy, has a little bling without being over-the-top, and would hide a multitude of sins. And it has pockets! I also love the extra lace that was used around the waistband for the movie version of the dress. It would go beautifully with these modern toile wedding invitations - modern, elegant, with a touch of sporty/casual.

I hunted down the source, and it is the Reese dress from Amsale's Spring 2008 collection. Description: Silk Faille. Faille A-line gown with low sweetheart neckline and crystal beaded inset. Ruched detail at waistline and tulip skirt with sweep train.

There is a list of retail stores that stock Amsale dresses on their website (no Australian locations yet).

P.S. There's a really fun (i.e. silly) online tool to create your perfect bridesmaid dress on the 27 Dresses website.

Image: www.amsale.com


  1. Hey Steph,

    I love this dress also... I got married nine years ago and sometimes wish I could do it again just to have an updated dress and hairstyle.

    Thanks for stopping by Small Town Shopaholic. Have you tried Etsy for decal headboards?


  2. Hi Jennifer,
    I do too! I'd love to see some real-life brides in this dress. Thanks also for the Etsy hint for decal headboards; I'll go check them out now.

  3. hey girls

    i am getting the dress made for my wedding on jan 24th 09, im so freaked out cause i couldnt try on anything similar but everytime i tried on a big beaded boobtube, i thought of the dress! oh i hope it turns out well! im a bit scared that it may look like a pregnancy dress! fingers crossed :)


  4. Fantastic Minna! You'll have to send us a pic when you get it so we can see how it turns out.

  5. the 1st time I saw this dress...i knew it was my wedding dress..I love pockets too,and I don't like the sequined boobtube wedding dresses,they look like my worst nightmares...I will have the dress custom-made for my wedding when we finally decide on a date!

  6. very nice dress

  7. Thank you for finding this! I've been smitten ever since I saw it in the movie :)

  8. Love the dress also - but does anyone know about the dress Jane actually wore for her wedding to Kevin at the end of the movie??? Would love if anyone could help with this!

  9. Excellent dress for the occasion. Now I'll add it to wish-list!


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