23 July 2008

Great Packaging: Cafe Earth

Good old-fashioned Australian soft drink maker Wimmers, usually known for its double sarsaparilla soft drink and other old school flavours, now produces a high-end range called Cafe Earth. The line features lightly carbonated water with sophisticated flavours and low sugar content and includes 4 flavours - cranberry, pink grapefruit, natural mineral water and blood orange.

I think Wimmers has done a great job with both the flavour choices and product design. The packaging is spot-on with fresh clean graphics that make you feel like you've bought a premium product. I'm sure that Wimmers is aiming squarely at the cafe and cocktail mixer market that Tiro currently corners in Australia.

Based on the Sunshine Coast, the Wimmers brand started manufacturing in 1909, so this range is a huge step into modern lifestyle beverages for this historic company. I hope the Cafe Earth range gets great distribution, as it's always healthy to have competition in the marketplace. Now I'm dreaming of a refreshing cocktail - the Pink Grapefruit with Campari over ice would be perfect, thank you very much.

Image: Wimmers

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