24 July 2008

Cool Websites: kirtsy

If you've ever used those social bookmarking sites like Digg or Del.icio.us, or news aggregators like Fark, you'll know that you can spend hours browsing through weird stories - some interesting, but most fairly uninteresting and dare I say, boring. Wouldn't you love a site that has fun, cool categories like 'Design and Craft', 'Fashion and Style', 'Food and Home', Mind, Body and Spirit', and 'Travel and Leisure'? Well, kirtsy is it. This great site (formerly known as sk*rt) is a collection of articles, blog postings, news and stories submitted by people just like us, so you know you'll find some really good (time wasting) content on there. In kirtsy's own words, the site is "a place where women give nods, respect, and props to the coolest things out there." and "kirtsy is like that friend who always finds the best stuff... only better". So now you know.

Image: kirtsy


  1. People keep talking about kirtsy but I actually had no idea what it was. I'm off to the site now. Thanks for the tip, Steph.

  2. I love Kirtsy too! It always directs me to really cool blogs and websites.

  3. You are very welcome Jen and Kylie @ bandelle. Check it out Kylie - you're on there too! http://www.kirtsy.com/search.php?search=bandelle&x=8&y=18

  4. I love Kirtsy and it's actually how I found you!

  5. Oh, you're awesome, Steph. Thanks!


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