17 July 2008

Click and Customise Jewellery

Aussie ex-pat Kylie Sarley has hit upon such a clever idea with her Bandelle brand. Kylie designs a range of jewellery that you can customise yourself, in real-time, online. The execution is brilliant; simply click on the colour you want, the gemstone/crystal/pearl you want, and the chain you want, and the finished item is built right there on the screen in front of you. Bandelle is based in the US, but international shipping is available for $16.95. Kylie also has an incredible blog that is worth checking out. It's full of great design inspiration and the layout is gorgeous. And the site features the latest Pantone color trends for the season so you know your colour choices are right on the money. Genius.

Image: Bandelle


  1. Wow, thank you. I'm very flattered that you mentioned Bandelle. Hope you enjoy the site!


  2. Bandelle is a really neat site. I ordered some earrings as a gift for a friend and she loved them. Also the packaging is adorable.

    I love Kylie's blog also, especially her Double Takes.


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