25 July 2008

The Best Value Baby's Cot in Australia

Don't you love it when you find out an industry secret that saves you lots of money and gives you a quality, beautiful product? I was so excited to discover something that not all baby store retailers will tell you - that gorgeous, quality cot manufacturer Boori has a lower priced line called King parrot.

Kingparrot baby furniture is beautifully crafted product to Boori standards, but without the Boori label on the side, and without the Boori price tag! Thank you Minimee for the advice. We have the modern Scout model and matching chest of drawers/change table. Is this the best-kept secret in Australian cot retail market?

You can find Kingparrot stockists in Australia, the UK, Singapore and South Korea on the Boori Website. I recommend calling ahead to make sure they stock both lines.

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Image: Kingparrot

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  1. I'm definitely telling my friends down in Sydney about this brand. They will be thrilled with the prices! Hope you are having a great weekend.



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