21 April 2008

Events: Even Books

Sydney is lucky to have possibly the coolest bookclub ever. The monthly events are presented by Even Books, providing a night of books, booze and bingo! Organised through Facebook, the nights are held at different cool spots around Sydney and are loosely based around a literary theme. A sample agenda from the Great Gatsby-inspired next event on April 24th:

8:00 pm: Arrive. Taste-test the many bootlegged beverages on offer.

8:15: Live jazz! Practise your Charleston!
Add your own lines to Great Gatsby-inspired stories.
Be served up chat-starters by our butlers.
Play poker, golf, twister, limbo or anything that tickles your fancy!

9.30: Guest performance by two very talented actors.
Live jazz! Perfect your Charleston! Party games!
Improv voiceovers for the fancy flop that was Coppola's movie adaptation.

10.30: Be DJ Gatzby - put on your i-pod tunes while we play musical statues, pass-the-parcel and more

For more information, check out the Even Books website.

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