14 September 2007

Baby Shower Gifts: Baby Chime Necklace

Need a unique baby gift for a baby shower? Look no further than these cool Mexican Bola chime necklaces. They are such great gifts for baby and for a pregnant Mum to be - the chime inside the pendant tinkles softly when it is moved, providing a soothing sound for both mother and baby.

A baby chime necklace looks great worn long and resting against a pregnant belly. After birth, use the bola chime pendant as a rattle, or sew into a toy for the baby to recognise. Or the new mother can continue to wear the baby chime necklace herself.

I can't find any history on these chimes, or any authenticity to their "Mexican" heritage, but they are definitely a chic and unique pregnancy gift for a mother to be.

If you are in the UK or Europe, you can find a range of bola chime necklaces and other baby shower gifts at Mumstheword.
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