23 July 2007

Beating Morning Sickness With Ginger Bears

I haven't tried these gummy goodies, but the Ginger Bear jubes from Buderim Ginger look like a great new treat, and may help those with nausea/morning sickness. And they're cute to boot. I think they are definitely worth trying for those newly pregnant.

I've found them at:
* Buderim Ginger online store
* Fertile Mind
* 2 Cute 4 Kids

Image: Buderim Ginger

13 July 2007

Best Online Baby Sites in Australia

After much research, I put together a list on Squidoo of the best online baby sites in Australia. This is an overview of the most stylish baby product sites, maternity sites, eco-baby shopping sites, the big baby super-store sites, and pregnancy/baby forums. All the hard work done for you.
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